Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ruby's day in pictures (with captions of course!)

We went for a walk in the new moby style wrap that Nana made... Of course she was asleep before i got to the end of the block.

Once she woke up, we took the blanket, computer, camera and a snack outside to the back yard....

She loves lying naked outside.. who doesn't?

This is the face she made just before she sneezed..... and shot poop out of her butt.... and all over me. yeah... it's an exciting life we lead here.

No there aren't any pixof the poop shoot! how sick do you think I am? (sorry, the camera battery died before I could get a shot!)

After a poop shooting incident a bath was in order... but you can't take pix when you're the only one home.
Even on a warm day, a little person needs something to warm her up after a bath!

She can't control her eyes, but she sure is cute!

Tonight we see our midwife for the last time... pix of that tomorrow!


Johanna said...

SOOOO Cute... :D

Devon said...

Love that Moby, and I LOOOOVE your mei tai!!! I see lots of pics of Ruby in sweaters, but I bet she'd look great in blue-green. Do you have any sweaters in that color scheme? LOL... flirty eyes... big smile... you know you love me

Rachel said...

oh my god, SO cute. i'll try to make the babywearing conference, if i can! i have to meet miss ruby in person. early in hazel's life i though we would be oh-so-natural and hang out in bed naked. but she was so cute i started bouncing her up and down and it didn't take long for her to poop all over me. i'm still learning as i go!

PlazaJen said...

That hat is precious! (Well, of course, so is Miss Ruby!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my stars that is so funny! Her little pre-poop-shoot face, it looks so calculating, like she's thinking, "wait for it, wait for it" and getting you into the line of fire :-)

Adorable little miss you've got there, mama! XOXO! - Kara

keeta said...

Seriously, is she trying to kill me with preciousness? :)

Denjablogspot said...

i swear mikey and ruby are living parallel lives...only he chose to do the poop-flying-3-feet-out-of-his-butt trick with his 7 year old sister who was innocently changing his diaper. poor thing.

(and i did take a pic of it, but i think dh may have deleted it...just as well)

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